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PacificWest Dental Group Reviews

The experienced Orthodontists at PacificWest Dental Group – with offices in Surrey and Vancouver - take pride in providing a variety of options for our clients who need braces. We have been providing Orthodontic services for almost two decades and strive to always offer the latest technologies to our patients, including Invisalign and Lingual braces.

In addition to aesthetic results of straight teeth, braces can address jaw alignment issues, bite issues and other issues with your teeth and jaws.

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"I would recommend this place to my friends and I am very happy with how my teeth turned out. I used to have an overbite and my front teeth were slanted but it looks great now! I enjoyed my experience here a lot though because of how friendly and happy the orthodontists are. It seems like they really enjoy working together and they also work very hard while bringing joy!"

Review Verified on 7/11/2016
"Very helpful and knowledgeable staff."

Review Verified on 7/10/2016
"I will refer my grandchildren to here. Dr. Wang and his staff are very good."

Review Verified on 7/8/2016
"I think the all of the staff are very friendly, and want your treatment to be as quick and efficient as possible, while making sure that your treatment isn't rushed and sloppy. I'm really happy with the way my teeth look now, and my treatment is going faster than expected which is awesome!"

Review Verified on 7/8/2016
"Great people! Really nice and friendly services!"

Review Verified on 7/6/2016
"The staff are very nice and Dr Daniel Cheng is very professional. I have straight teeth now. Thank you very much !"

Review Verified on 7/5/2016
"I will highly recommend Dr Daniel Cheng to my friends. He is excellent."

Review Verified on 7/5/2016
"One of the best dental groups out there in Vancouver."

Review Verified on 7/5/2016
"Staff was very friendly and helpful! Receptionists were accommodating in making appointments to my convenience. I had a great experience here"

Review Verified on 6/29/2016
"Great staff, but took a longer than expected."

Review Verified on 6/29/2016
"It was all in all a pretty good time. Peggy was very helpful and encouraging"

Review Verified on 6/28/2016
"Very pleasant place to get my braces. The staff are very kind and enthusiastic."

Review Verified on 6/28/2016
"My 5 years here was splendid, month after months coming back in for a checkup knowing I was one month sooner from taking off my braces was exhilarating. Thank you for keeping my teeth straight and well. I hope other customers have the same awesome experience I did!"

Review Verified on 6/28/2016
"I could not express my appreciation more than a Big Thank you to all the people at pacific west centre. It is a pleasure being here and I enjoy every moment throughout my care."

Review Verified on 6/28/2016
"Dr. Wang has been a great doctor over the years and I always recommend him to anyone looking to get braces. The staff is also super friendly and helpful. Many people in my family including my sister and cousins all have have had our braces from Dr.Wang and have been very happy in how our teeth turned out."

Review Verified on 6/23/2016
"Excellent service, the dentists and assistants were all extremely helpful and patient. I was able to go through the whole process despite my horrible gag reflex."

Review Verified on 6/18/2016
"People here are all really nice and helpful!"

Review Verified on 6/18/2016
"Excellent job on my braces."

Review Verified on 6/15/2016
"I felt like I was in great hands with Dr. Cheng. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 6/15/2016
"Kids really like the clinic staff they are very friendly"

Review Verified on 6/13/2016
"Very nice staff and very good service. Dr. Cheng is vary nice and also very good at what he does. I am personally very satisfied with the job he and staff did and I would recommend him highly. Everyone is friendly and the orthodontics are top notch. Dr. Cheng and his staff are very good and it is the right decision to go with them!"

Review Verified on 6/11/2016
"Dr Dan Cheng and his staff treat patients really well. The assistants are very gentle and caring. They will show me how to put wax over sharp edges of the brackets to reduce irritation. They will inform and explain to me the procedure they are performing at each visit. I really appreciate their effort to make my orthodontics journey easier."

Review Verified on 6/8/2016
"Very pleasant, friendly experience."

Review Verified on 6/7/2016
"Fantastic job, got my rabbit teeth fixed 11/10 job really happy with my result"

Review Verified on 6/7/2016
"Kind helpers. Quick service. Waiting time isnt too long."

Review Verified on 6/5/2016
"The process of getting braces was exciting and the orthodontist was friendly throughout."

Review Verified on 6/3/2016
"Great experience ! I liked how before anything was done Dr. Wang and his assistant would explain to you what you could expect."

Review Verified on 6/3/2016
"You did very well. You were very gentle and I am very happy with my progress so far!"

Review Verified on 6/3/2016
"Very helpful staff"

Review Verified on 6/1/2016
"Thank you very much Dr. Wang. I love how my teeth look now then my teeth were looking I won't to thank the beautiful ladies at Pacificwest Dental office for the best help that I got. I love my smile and how I look. Thank you very much for making my smile look beautiful."

Review Verified on 6/1/2016
"I ilke my teeth from before. Look lot better"

Review Verified on 5/31/2016
"They did very well at doing a fast and great job on my teeth. Dr. Chiang and his staff are also very friendly and i always felt welcome here. I would highly refer this place to all my friends because of its excellence in service."

Review Verified on 5/31/2016
"They were very polite and comforting. Also very considerate and they are very easy to talk to and will do so throughout the appointment to provide the patient with comfort"

Review Verified on 5/28/2016
"First time getting braces - very easy, didn't hurt. People in the office are very nice and knowledgeable, making me feel comfortable about getting braces."

Review Verified on 5/27/2016
"This was the first time I met Dr. Lee. He was very kind to me. He seemed very excited to see me as a patient. Linda was very sweet while working on my braces and cheerfully gave me the rainbow elastics."

Review Verified on 5/26/2016
"The staff are all very nice and kind"

Review Verified on 5/25/2016
"It was an excellent few years getting my teeth straightened. There was zero to minimal pain involved. Everyone was extremely kind and the appointments were booked easily and at a very accessible time."

Review Verified on 5/24/2016
"I am so glad to be treated by Dr. Wang and he makes my teeth look better each day. Thanks!"

Review Verified on 5/20/2016
"I have been going here since 2005 and am always pleased with the service they provide!"

Review Verified on 5/19/2016
"Everyone was very nice. They were gentle with their tools when they did their procedures in my mouth."

Review Verified on 5/17/2016
"Did a phenomenal job on my teeth. A caring and helpful staff"

Review Verified on 5/11/2016
"My braces are now off and I love the way my teeth are looking! I love everyone at this Dental clinic. They are all really friendly and do a great job :)"

Review Verified on 5/10/2016
Reviews 1135 - 1176 of 1266

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